Reborn with a Great Esteem, Kill your Aging Skin


They say “Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin”. Being old or the process of aging tends you to undervalue your confidence and personality. This is not only applicable to the present social context. From the immemorial times since our ancestors to the present day, people have been struggling and making efforts to sustain their youth forever. Everyone loves to be perfect and to be the spotlight in the society.


The youthfulness in your personality would only glow if you are blessed with a healthy and youthful skin. One of the major factors which determine the outstanding quality of your personality is your beauty which definitely relies on your skin. But it is an absolute truth that skin changes with age due to many reasons: sun exposure, personal habits such as smoking and diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercises, excessive usage of toxic beauty creams, usage of fruits and vegetables injected with chemicals, stress etc. Everyone desires to have a perfect solution for skin aging. The solution is sought by many but only a rare few are privileged to make their aspirations come true. Are you one of them?

In an aging skin; wrinkles, uneven skin texture, loosened skin, age spots, sun spots, unwanted hair are highly noticeable features which make you very uncomfortable. When your mind is young you feel disappointed to see an aging skin. Further, there are lots of drawbacks such as feeling uncomfortable to move with society, it stresses your mind, you are unable to wear the dress which you prefer and etc. The only question which reverberates in your mind is “Is there any perfect and healthy remedy which has no side effects?”

At present lots of cosmetic products have been introduced to the market as anti-aging remedies but the only problem which comes to our mind is how to rely on the quality of them and how to select the most suitable cosmetic product for your skin. The texture and the moisture of skin vary from person to person. Furthermore, some cosmetic products cause skin cancers and allergies making the conditions worse. The cosmetics which you can find in the market are generally made for everyone. Therefore there is a very low tendency for the product to directly match with your skin without causing side effects. Now the only option you have is to have a treatment from a skin care service provider because they would offer customized treatment. Today, skin care service providers are mushrooming, therefore you are quite skeptical about choosing the right place. You are endowed with doubt and skepticism of a perfect, trustworthy and responsible center.

That is why we introduce Amaran Aesthetic Medical Cosmetic and Laser Center to you. We guarantee to you excellence and quality. Put away all your doubts and get in touch with us: this is where your loyalty belongs to.

Amaran is an organization which is fully committed to medical excellence. We at Amaran believe that our clients deserve the safest, the fastest and the most effective treatments to improve their skin texture and body contours. We practice only medically recommended procedures which are evidence-based and all the equipment we possess are with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval.

Why should you consider Amaran Aesthetic Medical Cosmetic and Laser Center?

  • Consists of an Advisory Panel comprising Reputed Consultants, Plastic Surgeons, Consultant Dermatologists, and a Neuro Physician.
  • Two qualified In-House Doctors available for your consultation at all time.
  • Usage of High Standard Equipments from USA and Israel.
  • Treatments are done by fully trained technicians.
  • Each client is interviewed and examined by the in-house doctors without any pressure or obligation to proceed with treatment.
  • We ensure that each client feels well informed, prepared, and comfortable prior to the procedure.
  • Treatments are delivered with absolute care and compassion. Confidentiality and privacy are strictly upheld by both medical and reception staff.
  • We believe in investing in new technologies, hence our staff undergo rigorous training and receive ongoing education and evaluation to ensure the best service to our clients.

With all these high-quality standards Amaran Aesthetic Medical Cosmetic and Laser Center has the best and perfect offers for skin aging,

  • Radio Frequency & Ultra Sound combined Skin Tightening
  • Botox, Fillers and Skin Boosters
  • Plasma peel rejuvenation
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Microdermabrasion / Hydrafacial
  • PRP facial rejuvenation

The above treatments would make your skin perfect and will offer you a pleasant appearance. You will be definitely impressed and able to maintain your personality in the society without any stress, making you feel more comfortable. Since advice is given before the procedure and after, you will feel safe. Further, we at Amaran Aesthetic Medical Cosmetic and Laser Center takes the full responsibility of our clients and quality service. As treatments are delivered with absolute care, compassion, confidentiality, and privacy you can place one- hundred percent trust in us. We are very conveniently located in the heart of Colombo in a very calm and serene environment. We look forward to serving you!