Surgical and Traumatic scars

What are scars?

Anytime the skin is broken or significantly damaged, there is the potential for a scar. Some of the most common causes include surgery, traumatic injury and skin diseases. Depending on the nature of the initial skin injury and the complications that occur during the process of the recovery, scars may be raised, depressed or have other characteristics.

Superficial scars – minor surface irregularities, discoloration and other marks are usually associated with minor injuries.

Hypertrophic scars- lump of scar tissue formed at the site of the wound due to sexcessive collagen formation.

Keloids- raised scar tissue that extends beyond the wound margin. Often it is darker in color and sometimes it may be itchy.

Contraction- Due to fibrous tissue contraptions may occur. It may cause disfigurement and restrict movements.

What does Amaran Aeshetic offer?

Laser scar removal