Unwanted Body Hair

What is meant by Unwanted Hair?

Hair growth on the face and neck is the worst to deal with as it is impossible to hide. You cannot conceal it with clothes and there is no option but to get rid of it at the earliest. There are various ways which can help you get rid of hair from the face, neck, upper lip, chin, etc.

Hairy arms and legs are also not something that women want. Though there are ways to keep them hidden, the feel-good factor almost dies when you have to dress for a party.

When we consider the various hair removal methods every method has its own pros and cons. Selecting the most appropriate option for each one depends on many factors such as the amount they can spend, the depth of their problem and other medical factors.

Is threading an option?

This is the most common method of removing facial hair. This is cheap but painful and leaves the skin reddish for some time. Since the hair is pulled off from the root it gradually become thicker.

Is waxing skin friendly?

It is easy to wax a larger area and its relatively cheap. But it is rather painful and causes allergies, acne and skin infection (folliculitis).

What does Amaran Aesthetic offer?

Laser hair removal